Friday, September 4, 2015

On August 29th, 1977 at 2:33 in the morning, a newborn was presented to it's family after a prolonged delivery...

The nurse approached carrying the swaddle of pink blankets as the waiting family looked on, overjoyed.  A girl.  They would name the newborn girl "Susan" after her aunt. As the nurse handed the baby girl off to the family she informed them of a hospital issue that caused a slight complication...

My first taste of obfuscation.

...they had run out of blue blankets.

So the happy family had a good laugh with the nurse and took their new bouncing baby boy home and lived a rich life full of meaning and purpose.  - The End

Let me try that again...

So the criminally dysfunctional tribal members would return to that same hospital only four years later to watch my mother - brain dead - waste away in a coma over the course of months after an aneurysm burst in her Circle of Willis.

I've never expressed it to anyone, but I hope it was a doctor or nurse that had the courage and compassion to let her finally go.  A mixture of cowardice and selfishness had kept her body alive for far too long.  Not machines.

What followed has been described to me as "frightening".

Screaming, accusations, violence, property damage, (my grandmother put her fist through a wire mesh window) and good old fashioned chaos.

This would also prove to be a very serious turning point in my life, as I lost both of my parents that day.  A little dark, I know...

Here's Gary Busey to help lighten things up.

That's enough for a good first day, yeah?

Welcome to Selling Drama.  I'm happy you're here.

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