Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To say that I was raised by my grandparents would be less than accurate...

The full cast of that lovely drama consisted of:

It took balls to hang with these women.

The Kings:

  • Cheryl - My stepmom
  • Susan - The youngest
  • Lois - The matriarch
  • Bill - My grandfather (Not pictured)
  • Cathy - The sole survivor of this picture
  • Carol - My biological mother
  • Paul was the cute one

While all of these people (except for Paul...or was it Ringo?) were constantly in my life in one way or another, it was Cheryl who took on a maternal role after Carol died.  Like her father, an entire book could be written about her alone.

I will of course be dedicating some time to writing about her in the near future.

In the meantime, allow me to introduce:

Susan Lee:

Meet the enigmatic heroine of our story.

My sister.

Perhaps she'll grace us with her presence here, if only to bitch about the photo of her I chose to use.

Her story deserves a major motion picture, 5 seasons on FOX and a fucking Saturday morning cartoon.  Alicia Silverstone could do her voice.  It would be awesome.

Why don't I get paid for these ideas?

As her and I were raised separately, I think any attempt I could make to tell her story wouldn't do it justice.  I'll never know how things happened through her eyes until she tells her story.  Because of this I'll only be writing about her as our stories overlap.

Now that we know the players, next time we'll examine the game.

Semper Anticus - SD

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